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At A BOX OF JOY we carefully consider the gifts that we add to each of our collections.


We like to get to know our suppliers and build lasting relationships. Our core values are aligned with suppliers that have the same ethos as ours.


We work with artisan producers and companies that value their employees and the communities where they do business.


We collaborate with suppliers who not only consider the impact they have on the Earth but take environmental action to responsibly care for it.


We aim to make sure that all the products and companies we work with not only source their materials ethically but are amongst the best at what they do.

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For us it’s not all about the bottom line - we're living out our values of authenticity, spreading gratitude and supporting the environment.


We are delighted to say that we are partnering with East Coast Tree Project. Their mission is simple; plant trees, absorb CO2, transform our environment, increase biodiversity, and help educate people on why restoring nature is essential for all of us.


This year we are planting A Forest of Joy - with over 150 native Irish trees to help offset our carbon footprint.

​Each year we will support various local charities through donations and gifts to thank those providing wonderful services in our communities.




We are championing gifts from environmental and social enterprises such as Bí Urban and The Dublin Honey Project and want to raise awareness of the wonderful work they are doing.

If you'd like to find out more or if you would like to support them directly please click on the

links below.

Our Eco Partners
East Coast Tree Project.png

East Coast Tree Project are planting natives trees to restore ecosystems, biodiversity and help people throughout Ireland and the world offset their carbon footprint. This initiative will absorb hundreds of thousands of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year and increase biodiversity by providing habitat for some of Ireland’s rarest species.

Bí Urban Logo.png

Located in the heart of Stoneybatter, Bí URBAN is a nature-based social enterprise designed to connect nature, people and place. Their mission is to promote health & well-being through imaginative uses of nature and our environment.


The Dublin Honey Project aims to support the recovery of our Native Irish Irish Black Honey Bees and educate honey fans about the amazing properties of raw local honey from our capital.


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