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For us it’s not all about the bottom line - we're living out our values of authenticity, spreading gratitude and supporting the environment. 

We are delighted to say that we are partnering with Reforest Nation. Their mission is simple; plant trees, absorb CO2, transform our environment, increase biodiversity, and help educate people on why restoring nature is essential for all of us. We have made a commitment to grow our Forest of Joy each year (so far planting over 300 native Irish trees).

Support Reforest Nation and plant your own trees...

A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy.JPG


We like to get to know our suppliers and build lasting relationships.  Our core values are aligned with suppliers that have the same ethos as ours.

We collaborate with suppliers who not only consider the impact they have on the Earth but take environmental action to responsibly care for it.

We aim to make sure that all the products and companies we work with not only source their materials ethically but are amongst the best at what they do.

We work with artisan producers and companies that value their employees and the communities where they do business.

We are delighted to champion our suppliers that give back to charities.

A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy_edited.png
A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy_edited.png
A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy
A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy
A Box of Joy - Supplier Map(2).png

By choosing our gifting service your business is by extension Championing Green and indirectly supporting many charities and local suppliers.


We're delighted to partner with these wonderful people;


1   Irish Pens

2   Moon Mood

3   Badly Made Books

4   La Bougie

5   Mia Mallow 

6   The Original Aran Co

7   Field Day Ireland

8   Bí Urban 

9   Kotanical 

10 Oxmantown

11 Yogandha Oil 

12 Dublin Honey Project

13 Pump & Co 


Our Maker of the Month

I remember meeting Claire several years ago at a Dublin Flea Market and could tell from our conversation that she was really passionate about her products.  Roll on a few years and are delighted to be working with Claire, Glynis and the team. 

We love 100% natural products and the Dublin Herbalists delivers on this, so what exactly does this mean – no parabens, sodium laurel sulfate or other nasty hidden ingredients and never tested on animals.

At the Dublin Herbalists, Claire and her team looks at all the finer details including her packaging to ensure like us here at A Box of Joy it is kind to the environment but also preserves the ingredients to the highest standard.

Body and Hand.jpg


We always enjoy connecting with creative partners, we love hearing about you and your products.

If your business and ethics align with our ethos we'd love to connect with you.


A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy_edited.png
A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy_edited.png

14 Kinvara

15 Solaris Tea 

16 Carve On 

17 Soilse 

18 Ariosa Coffee

19 Sheridans 

20 Tree Hill Soap 

21 Voya

22 Dublin Herbalists

23 J Hill Standard

24 Lismore 

25 Bean and Goose 

26 Bradys Coffee

A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy_edited.png
A Box of Joy - Forest of Joy_edited.png
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