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Men's Grooming - Limited Edition Collection


The ultimate in award winning ethically sourced men's grooming products. This collection is filled with everything needed to look and feel the very best.

Bi Urban - Shave & Shampoo

Dublin Herbalist- Hand Cream

Dublin Herbalist - Lip Balm

Dublin Herbalist - Whipped Shea Butter

Oxmanstown -Rosehip & Neroli Facial Oil

Oxmanstown - Vetiver & Sage Beard & Face Balm

Pomp & Co - Hair cream

Pomp & Co - Hair wash

Three Hill Soap  - Bath Salts

Three Hill Soap x 2

Voya Mens - Body Wash

Voya Mens - Facial Wash

Voya Mens - Shave Gel

Men's Grooming - Limited Edition Collection

SKU: Men's Grooming - Limited Edition Collect
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